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The University of Zakho Is Making a Remarkable Progress in World Rankings of Universities for the Fourth Time in a Row

31 July 2018

The University of Zakho has achieved remarkable scientific progress during the current period, with progress in the world and national rankings. This achievement is the result of the efforts of the academic staff of the University, as well as the unlimited support of the President of the University, Assistant Professor Dr. Lazgin A. Jameel.

According to the Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics), the University of Zakho has progressed compared to the previous years. In January 2016, the University was ranked (19046) and in January 2017, it was ranked (16718) but in July 2017, the rank of the university jumped up to record a historical success which was (13925). More importantly, in January 2018, the ranking of the university moved forward to (13330). However, in July 2018, the university made another progress. It moved (519) ranks to become (12811) internationally and (31) in Iraq.

Note: the ranking of the universities can be seen on the images below :